Buckley Log Show Carnival

It seems like almost every small town has a fun festival.  A quick google search for small town festivals brought up several fun results including The Scarecrow Fest in St. Charles, IL and Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO.  Washington natives are more likely to attend Seafair in Seattle, Meeker Days in Puyallup (pronounced Pew-All-Up for anyone not local), or The Wilkeson Handcar Races in Wilkeson.

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We Give Back To Support The Arts

As some of you are aware, Bonney Lake High School Choirs are taking a trip to NYC next year.  These trips happen every four years so this is the only opportunity most of these kids will have to go with their class.  My daughter is giddy about it.  I fully support a wide variety of arts in the classroom and trips like these are amazing!  I also am painfully aware of the financial strain these trips can put on families...I had sticker shock and I'm not really sure how we are going to get my kiddo paid for.  To help reduce this strain for some of these students and their families, I will be donating 50% of my profits from senior sessions July through October to this trip.  Additionally, I will be offering all 2017 Bonney Lake High Seniors who are choir students 25% off the creative (session) fee during the same time.  

I know not everyone can give monetarily, but I would as everyone to find a way to give to students and support their educational experience.

Giving Back By Captured By Katie Photography, Bonney Lake Photographer



LuLaRoe, Love, and A LONG Drive

This weekend is crazy busy so here I am at 12:20am writing a blog post so you'll have one to enjoy while I am working the weekend away.

I hosted my first LuLaRoe pop-up this evening and it was fantastic!  We managed to fit everything into my little studio and enjoyed hanging out while some of my favorite ladies came and bought some fun clothes!  And I earned free clothes!  Hurray!

I no sooner got inside and I started working on some last minute details on a session for a gallery reveal tomorrow!  The photos are gorgeous and I'm so excited to share them with my clients.  We took them a month ago and in the last 30 days, they have taken a trip and gotten married!  Their love is so evident in everything they do and their joy just seems to radiate.

At the crack of dawn, I get to go with Markie to a photoshoot two hours away, at a gorgeous venue!  This is like a dream come true!  Then we are meeting up with another photographer on the way home to pick up a new (to me) lens.  

I'm gonna need a whole bunch of coffee because by the time I get home, I will need to go pick up a few necessities before my clients arrive for their gallery reveal....and I promised my kids that I *might* take them to the carnival after I'm done.  It's gonna be crazy and awesome and crazy awesome.  What do you have planned for the weekend? 

Communication Is Key - The Gallery Reveal

You've had your photoshoot and seen a sneak peek and have eagerly awaited the moment you see your images.

The gallery reveal is probably my favorite part of the entire process.  The joy on a mom's face when she walks in and sees her gorgeous children on my wall.  It is INCREDIBLE.

When you come in, I will typically offer you a drink (assuming I went to the grocery store) and if you are comfortable and then we will begin.  We will start with a lovingly created slideshow of your images, then I will share matted prints and ask you to sort them into three piles...like, love, and need these on my walls.  We will chat a bit about what packages and products will best suit your needs and which images will work best for each product.  Some of these products may be available to take home that day while others may need to be ordered and digitals are available within 48 hours via a download link.  Orders are only placed after the balance is paid, so you should anticipate making that payment at the gallery reveal.  Any items that you are taking home that day will be lovingly wrapped and given to you.  Some products, such as albums, will require additional design and you will receive updates and will need to approve the final design before it is sent to the printer.  Once all the products have arrived in the studio, I will send you an email to schedule a time to pick them up.  Everything should be inspected before leaving the studio as I can't accept returns on products after they have been taken home.  I love to see photos of your products in your home and to share testimonials, so please share these with me.  


Seeing the joy in your face when you love your images is why I do what I do.  This is what it's all about.

Riley By Captured By Katie Photography, Bonney Lake Photographer




A Viking Princess Ties The Knot

This weekend I got to shoot as an associate for Markie Jones Photography.  This wedding was amazing!  The bride and groom had chosen a lovely viking theme and weaved current traditions with ancient ones.  It was incredible.  Here are just a few of the beautiful images I captured.

NYC Or Bust!

My daughter has an amazing opportunity to travel to NYC with her high school choir and I am trying to help her raise funds.  So to that end, I am offering a super quick Flash Sale!

All session fees paid by noon tomorrow will be transformed into a print credit!  Get an amazing, custom photo shoot AND $150 toward the purchase of prints and products! 

Head on over to the CONTACT page to get the ball rolling.



Communication Is Key - The Photo Shoot

Every photographer does things a little different from each other and sometimes that creates some confusion so I'd love to share with you a little about my process in a 4 part series

.-The Photo Shoot-

So we have gone through initial contact to the potential client meeting.  Since then we have communicated on a regular basis and excitement is building.

The photo shoot is my second favorite part of this process.  This is where I get to embrace my creative nature!  I typically meet clients at the location we are shooting, although sometimes I may meet them elsewhere and we caravan to the shoot.  Once we've arrived, I will quickly assess the light and where we should start.  I often have photos or sketches of poses that I want to use so I'll likely have my phone out to show you what to do.  I'll then set my lights and quickly test everything.  Once I'm done with that, it's game on.  We will quickly set a pose, I'll shoot it from a variety of angles and then we will move on to the next pose.  Typically a shoot lasts 45-60 minutes depending on a variety of factors.  When we are all done, we will talk about the time frame to expect your gallery reveal.  

Once I get home, I pull my memory cards and import and back up all of the images.  I do my best to have a sneak peek that day but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours.  Then I'll work my magic to get us ready for the next portion of your experience, The Gallery Reveal!


Part 1 - Communication Is Key - Potential Client Meeting

Communication Is Key - Potential Client Meetings

Every photographer does things a little different from each other and sometimes that creates some confusion so I'd love to share with you a little about my process in a 4 part series.

-Potential Client Meetings-

When a potential client contacts me, there are a host of unknowns.  This client typically doesn't know a lot about me and I know virtually nothing about them.  I typically check my way through a few quick questions just to make sure that I am potentially a good fit for this client before booking a Potential Client Meeting.  

While I prefer to meet with folks face to face, it seems that often a phone or video conference meeting is required.  Either way, we get a chance to really talk about the vision for the shoot, a good run through of my policies and practices, a look through the contract as well as discussing location, dates and times, wardrobe, makeup, posing, etc. They also get a chance to peek at some of the gorgeous heirloom quality products I have available.  This meeting is crucial in helping both the client and myself ensure that the session is what they are looking for and that we are going to work well together. Typically, this session ends up with a booked client eagerly awaiting their photoshoot.  It is never my goal to book a potential client, but rather to ensure that they have the best possible experience and to that end, I occasionally refer a client to another amazing photographer who can better serve them.  I always aim to have educated a potential client so that they can make informed decisions along the way and that their experience is top-notch.


Part 2 - Communication Is Key - The Photoshoot


Rest And Restoration

Yesterday was CRAZY!  It was an awesome day but we were out and about for over 12 hours with just a couple quick stops at home.  We had a great time and got much accomplished, but it was exhausting.  By the time we came home, I fell into bed and was asleep before I knew what happened.  

This morning I woke up achey and still exhausted, but fellow photographer, Markie, was coming over to play with gear.  I got up and got to work on cleaning house and getting ready, but exhaustion really made it difficult.  Before I knew it she was here and we headed out to the studio.  We chatted a bit about our weekends (she shot a wedding in Cali, I shoveled donkey manure and went to Relay For Life) and our gear (she has a lot more than I do) and decided it was time to play.  I had set up candles to do a memorial shot of sorts but really hadn't felt up to shooting them until today.  I played with her LensBaby Muse with cool bokeh discs and her 70-200mm lens, while she shot a series from 200mm - 24mm.  It was so much fun!  I feel a level of excitement about photography that I think had fallen to the wayside as I've tried to navigate the business aspect of things as well as grieving a difficult loss.  Sometimes it's so very important to just do something fun.  What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? 

What A Way To Start The Day

I was sitting here eating my breakfast and I heard a strange spraying noise.  "Maybe someone got in the shower" I thought, but I knew that wasn't what I was hearing.  So, I walked down the hall (breakfast in hand) to find water shooting out of the bathroom.  It took us a minute to figure out how to shut the water off, but we got it done.  Thanks to some wonderful neighbor's, a shopvac, and a sense of urgency, the mess is cleaned up and the toilet is fixed....what a way to start the day!   

Growing Pumpkins

"We should invite Faith to homeschool group.  She seems like she would fit right in." and a friendship was born.  This lovely lady and her precious family came out for a pumpkin patch shoot this past October and this coming October, a new little pumpkin will be joining their family.  I am so excited to get to snuggle and photograph their newest little bundle. 

Booking Blitz

This should be lots of fun...for my kids!  Here's the deal, If I get 4 paid bookings by noon tomorrow (Friday, June 10, 2016),  I will give my kids a dozen eggs to break over my head on FaceBook Live!  They would really love the opportunity to make a mess out of their momma, so do it for the kid's sake.  :)

Wednesday Warrior

I met Haylee when she was three years old.  Her mom and dad lived across from my then boyfriend.  By the time my daughter was three, they played together and as life evolved Haylee spent more time with me and my kiddos.  I watched this beautiful little curly haired girl grow into a Hannah Montana loving tween who was shy and sweet and a joy to be around.  Then one night, life changed.  After complaining that her tummy hurt, Hay went to the ER and underwent testing for what we all assumed was appendicitis....it wasn't. Instead, Haylee had a large tumor in one kidney.  Cancer.  

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Photog Friends

I have friends...deep meaningful friendships.  And I have known photographers.  But I have never had a friend who is also a photographer.  A few weeks ago I answered a request for a second shooter for a wedding and we just clicked. Last night the Bonney Lake photographer came over with her kidlets for dinner and instead of going through all the things we had planned on, we talked the whole time.  We got nothing accomplished except a budding friendship and I'm grateful.  I'm excited to have a friend who understands the trials and joys of this career.  Someone I can talk to who just gets it.  I'm looking forward to working together and collaborating and having a photog friend.


Earlier this week I bought a box of fortune cookies to go along with the stir fry we were having for dinner.  I had never bought fortune cookies at the store before so these were super special treats for my kids!  We took a couple of boxes to the park to share with our friends and another box to a family BBQ.  I thought it might be fun to share a few of our fortunes....hope you enjoy them.  What's the best fortune you've gotten?

An Empty Blog And Full Life

If someone had said to me "photography is 5% photography and 95% other work.", I may have chosen another career.  Luckily no one warned me and decided to take the plunge into this crazy awesome industry.  I LOVE photography.  I love the challenges, I love the beauty, I love the people, I love it all....except the blogging.  Maybe I love photography because I can tell a story without words.  Words do not come easily to me and as a result, my blog reflects that.  The other day I popped onto my website to make a few tweaks and thought "OMGosh, I haven't blogged since Oct!?  What about this session or that session or those gorgeous personal images..."  Nope, they hadn't found their way onto my blog.  


While my blog sat virtually untouched, life happened.  Clients got amazing images, kids grew, seasons changed, and photographs were created.  Part of me could so easily be angry with myself for not blogging on a consistent schedule, but instead I will henceforth set a goal to blog more often and in the meantime, I will share some sweet photos from the life that's been lived since my last post.    What's been going on in your life over the past 8 months?

Reading In The Rain


This weekend I was able to enjoy a piece of gear that doesn't (yet) belong to me thanks to the awesomeness of lens rentals!  Due to unforeseen circumstances and some typical Washington rain, my 4 sessions quickly became 2 and I had a little extra time on my hands.

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Dream Gear

I love the gear I have....but every once in a while it is nice to play with some of the big guns that haven't made it into my bag yet.  All weekend I will have the luxury of playing with a lens that I have never before touched.  To say I am excited would be a crazy understatement.  I'm not sure I'll sleep tonight.  Shall I count sheep or drink coffee?  Weigh in with a comment.  On Monday Oct 26, 2015 I will choose one random comment to win a free 5x7 Metal Print from my Landscapes Gallery!  Comment away my friends!