Communication Is Key - The Photo Shoot

Every photographer does things a little different from each other and sometimes that creates some confusion so I'd love to share with you a little about my process in a 4 part series

.-The Photo Shoot-

So we have gone through initial contact to the potential client meeting.  Since then we have communicated on a regular basis and excitement is building.

The photo shoot is my second favorite part of this process.  This is where I get to embrace my creative nature!  I typically meet clients at the location we are shooting, although sometimes I may meet them elsewhere and we caravan to the shoot.  Once we've arrived, I will quickly assess the light and where we should start.  I often have photos or sketches of poses that I want to use so I'll likely have my phone out to show you what to do.  I'll then set my lights and quickly test everything.  Once I'm done with that, it's game on.  We will quickly set a pose, I'll shoot it from a variety of angles and then we will move on to the next pose.  Typically a shoot lasts 45-60 minutes depending on a variety of factors.  When we are all done, we will talk about the time frame to expect your gallery reveal.  

Once I get home, I pull my memory cards and import and back up all of the images.  I do my best to have a sneak peek that day but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours.  Then I'll work my magic to get us ready for the next portion of your experience, The Gallery Reveal!


Part 1 - Communication Is Key - Potential Client Meeting