An Old Barn and A Family Friend

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to photograph a local high school Senior.  After Max decided against a few locations, his mom suggested a barn down the road so we headed out there.  As luck would have it, the property owner was home and graciously gave permission to shoot around the barn.  We had a great time, the light was perfect, and the barn and surrounding fields were a perfect backdrop for Max's photos!  When we were all done, I decided to head up to the property owner's home and introduce myself, give her a business card, and thank her for letting us use her property.  As we chatted I mentioned that my dad lives pretty close and my mom (who was assisting me that day) said "down the road?  He lives right there" and pointed.  I took a quick step and started looking around and this lady's property backs right up to my family's property.  She has lived next to my grandparents for 40 years and knows my dad, aunts, cousins, and grandparents.  As I gained my bearings, I noticed another barn on her property and realized that it had made a recent appearance in a photograph I took from my grandparents back yard.  In that photo, there is a light on at the barn because my cousin was out feeding the cows that night!  It was so cool to get to meet someone that has known my family for so long!  I'm also really excited to photograph there again, it is gorgeous!