We Give Back To Support The Arts

As some of you are aware, Bonney Lake High School Choirs are taking a trip to NYC next year.  These trips happen every four years so this is the only opportunity most of these kids will have to go with their class.  My daughter is giddy about it.  I fully support a wide variety of arts in the classroom and trips like these are amazing!  I also am painfully aware of the financial strain these trips can put on families...I had sticker shock and I'm not really sure how we are going to get my kiddo paid for.  To help reduce this strain for some of these students and their families, I will be donating 50% of my profits from senior sessions July through October to this trip.  Additionally, I will be offering all 2017 Bonney Lake High Seniors who are choir students 25% off the creative (session) fee during the same time.  

I know not everyone can give monetarily, but I would as everyone to find a way to give to students and support their educational experience.

Giving Back By Captured By Katie Photography, Bonney Lake Photographer