Communication Is Key - Potential Client Meetings

Every photographer does things a little different from each other and sometimes that creates some confusion so I'd love to share with you a little about my process in a 4 part series.

-Potential Client Meetings-

When a potential client contacts me, there are a host of unknowns.  This client typically doesn't know a lot about me and I know virtually nothing about them.  I typically check my way through a few quick questions just to make sure that I am potentially a good fit for this client before booking a Potential Client Meeting.  

While I prefer to meet with folks face to face, it seems that often a phone or video conference meeting is required.  Either way, we get a chance to really talk about the vision for the shoot, a good run through of my policies and practices, a look through the contract as well as discussing location, dates and times, wardrobe, makeup, posing, etc. They also get a chance to peek at some of the gorgeous heirloom quality products I have available.  This meeting is crucial in helping both the client and myself ensure that the session is what they are looking for and that we are going to work well together. Typically, this session ends up with a booked client eagerly awaiting their photoshoot.  It is never my goal to book a potential client, but rather to ensure that they have the best possible experience and to that end, I occasionally refer a client to another amazing photographer who can better serve them.  I always aim to have educated a potential client so that they can make informed decisions along the way and that their experience is top-notch.


Part 2 - Communication Is Key - The Photoshoot