Buckley Log Show Carnival

It seems like almost every small town has a fun festival.  A quick google search for small town festivals brought up several fun results including The Scarecrow Fest in St. Charles, IL and Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO.  Washington natives are more likely to attend Seafair in Seattle, Meeker Days in Puyallup (pronounced Pew-All-Up for anyone not local), or The Wilkeson Handcar Races in Wilkeson.

In Buckley, we have the Log Show also known as the Logger's Rodeo.  This event is preceded by a Jr Log show where the kiddos participate in a variety of logging events followed the next weekend by The Log Show Parade, The Log Show, and my kid's favorite.....the Log Show Carnival!  We decided to head to the carnival this past weekend to have some fun with the kiddos and OH MY GOSH they had a blast!  My oldest was a fantastic big sister and went on rides with the littler kids until her tickets were used up.  My littlest had so much fun on the slides and merry go round....but the surprise of the evening was my son.  He wanted to go on the biggest, fastest, scariest rides they had.  He went on one with his big sister and another with me and his sister (where I prayed the whole time) but then his last ticket he opted to use on the extreme drop ride...you know, the kind where they take you up to the top and you free fall about 3/4 of the way back down to the ground.  We dutifully checked his height and talked about the fact that everyone else was out of tickets so he would have to go alone.  He said, "OK!".  My heart was in my throat as I watched my little boy get on this ride filled with teens and adults but I beamed with pride at his courage and bravery....and his giddy excitement.  Of course, it all went well...he loved it and my panic was unwarranted.  We had a fantastic evening and I even took a few photos!