Rest And Restoration

Yesterday was CRAZY!  It was an awesome day but we were out and about for over 12 hours with just a couple quick stops at home.  We had a great time and got much accomplished, but it was exhausting.  By the time we came home, I fell into bed and was asleep before I knew what happened.  

This morning I woke up achey and still exhausted, but fellow photographer, Markie, was coming over to play with gear.  I got up and got to work on cleaning house and getting ready, but exhaustion really made it difficult.  Before I knew it she was here and we headed out to the studio.  We chatted a bit about our weekends (she shot a wedding in Cali, I shoveled donkey manure and went to Relay For Life) and our gear (she has a lot more than I do) and decided it was time to play.  I had set up candles to do a memorial shot of sorts but really hadn't felt up to shooting them until today.  I played with her LensBaby Muse with cool bokeh discs and her 70-200mm lens, while she shot a series from 200mm - 24mm.  It was so much fun!  I feel a level of excitement about photography that I think had fallen to the wayside as I've tried to navigate the business aspect of things as well as grieving a difficult loss.  Sometimes it's so very important to just do something fun.  What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?