Homeschoolers Rock!

A little over a week ago, I got to meet a fellow homeschooler with kids almost the same ages as my homeschooled kiddos.  Momma wanted some photos of her cuties as, alas, homeschoolers are usually left out of school picture day.  Those iconic tacky photos that parents feel obligated to buy every year to document their child's growth from K-12 and to give grandma.  Well as luck would have it, this family will get to share some awesome photos with grandma this year!  This handsome young man was such a fun kid to work with.  We chatted about school while we worked and he gladly did what was asked.  When I tried to get his sister to join us, she was very unwilling....but in the blink of an eye, she jumped right in and hammed it up for the camera!  These kiddos were a ton of fun and I am so glad to know another homeschooling family!  If you would like more info on my homeschool packages, click here.  To book your session, click here to contact me.