Wednesday Warrior

I met Haylee when she was three years old.  Her mom and dad lived across from my then boyfriend.  By the time my daughter was three, they played together and as life evolved Haylee spent more time with me and my kiddos.  I watched this beautiful little curly haired girl grow into a Hannah Montana loving tween who was shy and sweet and a joy to be around.  Then one night, life changed.  After complaining that her tummy hurt, Hay went to the ER and underwent testing for what we all assumed was wasn't. Instead, Haylee had a large tumor in one kidney.  Cancer.  


In a whirlwind Haylee had surgery to remove the tumor and was given a great prognosis.  Her momma found out she was pregnant, I moved, and changed.  Here we are years later and that precious little warrior who fought cancer is now graduating from high school!   


Last fall Haylee came out to Bonney Lake for a photoshoot where I aimed to capture her sweet strength.  I treasured those images...a beautiful young woman grown from the little girl who drove a Barbie Jeep.  


This weekend Haylee will join with other survivors and supporters for Relay For Life and walk to find a cure for cancer.  I would encourage everyone to head over and support Haylee's Angels


Who do you know whose strength is nothing short of inspiring?