LuLaRoe, Love, and A LONG Drive

This weekend is crazy busy so here I am at 12:20am writing a blog post so you'll have one to enjoy while I am working the weekend away.

I hosted my first LuLaRoe pop-up this evening and it was fantastic!  We managed to fit everything into my little studio and enjoyed hanging out while some of my favorite ladies came and bought some fun clothes!  And I earned free clothes!  Hurray!

I no sooner got inside and I started working on some last minute details on a session for a gallery reveal tomorrow!  The photos are gorgeous and I'm so excited to share them with my clients.  We took them a month ago and in the last 30 days, they have taken a trip and gotten married!  Their love is so evident in everything they do and their joy just seems to radiate.

At the crack of dawn, I get to go with Markie to a photoshoot two hours away, at a gorgeous venue!  This is like a dream come true!  Then we are meeting up with another photographer on the way home to pick up a new (to me) lens.  

I'm gonna need a whole bunch of coffee because by the time I get home, I will need to go pick up a few necessities before my clients arrive for their gallery reveal....and I promised my kids that I *might* take them to the carnival after I'm done.  It's gonna be crazy and awesome and crazy awesome.  What do you have planned for the weekend?