An Empty Blog And Full Life

If someone had said to me "photography is 5% photography and 95% other work.", I may have chosen another career.  Luckily no one warned me and decided to take the plunge into this crazy awesome industry.  I LOVE photography.  I love the challenges, I love the beauty, I love the people, I love it all....except the blogging.  Maybe I love photography because I can tell a story without words.  Words do not come easily to me and as a result, my blog reflects that.  The other day I popped onto my website to make a few tweaks and thought "OMGosh, I haven't blogged since Oct!?  What about this session or that session or those gorgeous personal images..."  Nope, they hadn't found their way onto my blog.  


While my blog sat virtually untouched, life happened.  Clients got amazing images, kids grew, seasons changed, and photographs were created.  Part of me could so easily be angry with myself for not blogging on a consistent schedule, but instead I will henceforth set a goal to blog more often and in the meantime, I will share some sweet photos from the life that's been lived since my last post.    What's been going on in your life over the past 8 months?