Dream A Little Dream Take 2

My computer hates me.  It's hard drive is full, despite the fact that I have moved all my photos onto an external drive.  It's memory is pushed beyond it's limits when I try to run Spotify AND Lightroom....and don't even bother trying to run PhotoShop if anything else is up.  It has met my needs for two years, but it no longer does.  


A couple of weeks ago I read a photographer's review of a Tablet/Laptop combo and I instantly fell in love.  This bad boy runs windows so unlike tablets with a mobile OS, it can run PhotoShop!  That's huge for me!  I don't use PhotoShop often, but when I need it, I NEED it!  Lightroom now has a mobile app (which I have not used) but I like the idea of having the same Windows version I have on this clunky desktop.  I love the idea of using the touchscreen for simple edits, and maybe with some practice I could use it for more in depth processing.  


I did some research with a friend and we both concluded that the HP Pavilion 11-h110nr 11.6-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop is exactly what I need.  Now, it's time for some photos to find new homes so that I can afford it!