Dream A Little Dream

A while ago I saw a technique that looked amazing and I really wante to try it.  After a quick test session, I knew it was totally do-able and honestly, tons of fun!  


I began to feel like everywhere I looked, I saw opportunities to use this technique and I knew that I would need to be a bit choosy in order to really do it right.  


Then I saw the dresses.


Dream Shoot Rentals has gorgeous couture gowns available to rent for photo sessions.  I fell in love at first sight and in image grew in my mind.  I pictured the inside of an old building (and luckily I happen to know one I can use) with perhaps a Victorian style chaise or couch, a gown from Dream Shoot Rentals, and levitation.  I know, I know....you're thinking I'm nuts and there is no way I can get my model to actually levitate, but let's get to that later....the dresses are what inspired this dream.  Close your eyes for a moment and just picture a cream colored corseted bodice with a tutu inspired skirt.  It is incredible.  It is beautiful.  It is perfection (for what I have in mind).


Alright, so I'll let you in on a little secret.  Levitation photos are not photos of people levitating.  It's disappointing, I know.  The reality is that they are multiple photos processed and put together in a way that makes it appear that the model is levitating.  It's a very cool technique and the photos are incredible!  I'm definitely going to be doing a ton of practice to make sure I can do this correctly so that when I rent that amazing dress, book the space, and borrow the furniture, there will be no doubt that the outcome will knock your socks off!  


Oh, and if you are a die hard Hunger Games fan, Dream Shoot rentals has an Effie dress.  My daughter is totally in love with it.  

If you could rent anything from Dream Shoot Rentals what would you rent?