Kids and Carnivals

 Take a moment and remember a time you went to a carnival.  Do you see the spinning rides?  Hear the laughter of children?  Smell the corn dogs and cotton candy?  Carnivals are a glorious thing! 


I took my littles (6 & 2) to their first carnival yesterday and we had a blast!  I spent an insane amount of money on a few tickets, rode the rides with them, bought cotton candy, let my son play a game to win a prize, and just plain had a ton of fun with my precious children.


I've wanted to take some carnival photos for a while but, of course, I had to wait until there was a carnival to photograph.  My kiddos were my motivation for going but once we had exhausted our funds (which happened quite quickly), capturing the lights was my motivation for staying.  


I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!  What is your favorite part of a carnival?  Mine is obviously the ferris wheel.