Top 10 Photography Twitter Feeds to Leave You Twitterpated

If you love Twitter and beautiful photography, here are 10 Twitter feeds you simply must follow, in no particular order.

@LightStalking - for all things photography, LightStalking is a fantastic feed to follow!

@500px - The uber popular photo sharing website shares a taste of the talent and beauty you will find on their website!

@JulesBianchi - A super talented photographer with a fun and quirky style.

@NatGeoPhotos - How can you possibly go wrong with National Geographic?  It draws you deep into the far corners of the earth with it's majestic imagery.  BTW, my daughter's dream in life is to be a photographer for Nat Geo!

@CanonUSA - Let's face it, when you purchase a camera you have two major brands competing for your business.  I happen to be a Canon fan, although I'm not anti Nikon.  It's just my preference.

@ScottKelby - Photographer, PhotoShop guru, TEACHER!  Scott Kelby is talented, knowledgeable, and shares that knowledge with others.  

@PetaPixel - One of my favorite photography blogs on Twitter...can life get any better?

@Catherine_Hall - This lady can take amazing photographs, belt out a beautiful opera, and dance the night away.  

@BayPhotoLab - Bay Photo is a fantistic professional print lab and they share some fabulous photos and stories.

@CapturedByKatie - If you are reading my blog you should definitely be following me on Twitter.  Oh yeah, and I post some pretty pictures sometimes  :)