Inspiration Overload!

I decided to check out today and OMGoodness!  After uploading a couple of my favorite images, I sat back and scrolled.  Ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not, there are insanely talented photographers over there!  That fact made it even more exciting to watch one of my images get so many likes and favorites that it was added to the upcoming and then the popular galleries!


If you've never seen the website, I highly recommend you take a look.  But consider yourself warned, it is beauty overload!  500px also creates a unique problem for makes me want to try sooooo much right now.  I do not want to wait for the pretty light or a happy model or even daytime.  I don't want to try a few things, I want to try them my own way of course.  Concepts I've already been dreaming up are now much more complex.   This is like Pinterest on crack for  your's truly.  My mind is blown and my shutter finger won't quit twitching.  Clearly, the only solution is to go shoot!  The only question is where do I start?