Oxford's Dictionary defines community as

1) A group of people living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership

2) A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

I am truly blessed to be involved in the Buckley community.  Over the past two weeks I discovered that two of the ladies that participate alongside me at the Buckley Country Market actually are my dad's neighbors and longtime family friends!  I also discovered that I'm related to the Pie Lady!  Talk about a small town!  I've had such a great time  getting to spend time with these ladies.

I'm also so very excited to be serving on the board for the Buckley Downtown Business Association.  This organization is about serving the businesses and the community of Buckley.  It's an honor to get to work with these talented and savvy men and women to breathe life into Buckley.  I strongly encourage each of you to check out other member businesses and support them.

Buckley Main Street By Captured By Katie Photography, Bonney Lake Photographer

How do you support your community?