I love photographing seniors! As they prepare to leave childhood behind and jump feet first into adulthood, their unique perspective from this precipice is refreshing and engaging. While there will always be cliques and mean girls and people who wish they were someone or something else, there has been a shift where these kidults (yeah, I totally made that up) aren’t afraid of being who they are…

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Princess For A Day

Photographing Emersen was such an amazing experience!  Watching her get glammed up and then walk out in this amazing gown, put the crown on her head...it was like watching her become a princess.  


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

In honor of this special day for sweethearts, Captured By Katie Photography is offering beautiful heirloom wedding photography at last year's rates. 

To scoop up this steal of a deal, simply go tocapturedbyktphoto.com/contact, fill out the form with Beloved 2018 in the subject line. I will email you back with the specifics on this amazing offer for your special day.

#DeadlystCatch2017 at Brookstom Creek

Kaycie and Chris's wedding, complete with fishing details was gorgeous.  In Western Washington, it was in the 90's in the days leading up to the nuptials and smoke from wildfires in Canada was creating this weirdly gorgeous haze (well, I thought it was gorgeous).  The day of the wedding, the smoke had begun to clear up but there was just enough to create a gorgeous hue in the sky.  The outdoor venue, Brookstom Creek, was perfection poised to embrace the beauty that nature had to offer that day.  From the #DeadlystCatch2017 hashtag to fishing rods at the entrance to the venue and on the pretty pergola for the ceremony all the way down to the boat filled with ice and beverages and lures on the gentlemen's boutonnieres, the couple's love of fishing touched every aspect of the day.

Despite the crazy heat, bugs making their home in the toulle of the wedding dress, and the groom who didn't know he needed to write vows until about an hour before the ceremony, this wedding came together perfectly to reflect the love Chris and Kaycie have for each other.

Congratulations on the beginning of your lives together, Mr and Mrs Deady, I mean Deadly....er...um....Deady  ;)


Dress: David's Bridal

Venue: Brookstom Creek

Cake: A Taste Of Heaven

Special Thanks to Kaylee Mae Photography for her superb second shooting skills.

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2nd Annual Operation Tall Timber

Last weekend, South Sound Crossfit hosted their 2nd Annual Operation Tall Timber event benefiting Operation Ward 57  which supports wounded, injured and ill service members, veterans, their caregivers and those that aid in their recovery by providing assistance and outreach in their recovery, comfort and morale, and through advocacy, education and promotion of their circumstances.


This event was incredibly inspiring to photograph.  The dedication that it took for people to go through a 2.3 mile long course with over 28 obstacles including a mud pit on a day where temperatures soared.  I'm so honored to have documented their dedication to fitness AND their generosity for wounded veterans.  I can't wait till I'm in shape enough to run that course!

Cortney & Jordan's Engagment Session

About 3 weeks ago, I met with Cortney and Jordan to shoot their engagement session and get to know each other a bit more before their wedding coming up in July.

Being outdoorsy, we opted for a lovely dirt road up in the mountains for their gorgeous session and at sunset, it was cold....but BEAUTIFUL!  I can't wait to capture memories of their wedding!  Congratulations Cortney and Jordan!


2017 Weddings

Every little girl dreams of a sparkly romantic wedding day, with the man (or woman) of her dreams waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Hundreds of candles lining the way and a gorgeous fragrant bouquet. Bring that vision to life and freeze those moments in time with Captured by Katie Photography.

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Autumn Updates

It's been a while since I sat down to blog, partly because I have been recovering from surgery and partly because I've been working so hard in other areas that blogging got left out.  Never fear, I have been photographing everything in sight!

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Manic Monday

"It's just another manic Monday, whooooa."  This song is running through my head today as I consider the to do list that I have...but I'm excited tor what today holds.  While my day is sure to be more than a little manic.

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Where Has The Year Gone?

I can hardly believe that Captured By Katie Photography's one year anniversary is coming so soon.  It's been an amazing year full of fun, making new friends, and creating gorgeous images for amazing folks such as yourself!   

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Homeschoolers Rock!

A little over a week ago, I got to meet a fellow homeschooler with kids almost the same ages as my homeschooled kiddos.  Momma wanted some photos of her cuties as, alas, homeschoolers are usually left out of school picture day.  Those iconic tacky photos that parents feel obligated to buy every year to document their child's growth from K-12 and to give grandma.  Well as luck would have it, this family will get to share some awesome photos with grandma this year!

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Mamma In The Making

A few weeks ago I ran into a friend at the grocery store and chatted for a bit before she asked if she could put my daughter "on call" for the next Friday as she was going to be doing some maternity photos for a friend and might be in need of a babysitter.  I happily agreed (her little is so adorable and my daughter loves to hang out with him!) and we went on our way.  As I got in the van to head home, I thought "why didn't I offer to do the photography?" so I messaged my friend and offered to do the maternity session for her friend,..and I'm so glad I did.  

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Homeschool Portraits


When my family began our homeschooling journey, the one thing we felt like we missed out on was school pictures.  You remember those super tacky photos?  They were never worth what they cost and God forbid you had a pimple that day!  Homeschoolers just don't get those yearly photos.  As the mom of a homeschooled kiddo as well as a photographer, I am offering homeschool families a better option.


$50 - Phone consult/planning meeting

20 Minute session for up to 2 kids

30 Day online gallery for social media sharing

In person gallery reveal and ordering session

An accordion mini photo book


 $75 - Phone Consult/Planning Meeting

30 Minute session for up to 4 kids

30 Day Online Gallery for social media sharing  

In person gallery reveal and ordering session

2 Accordion Mini Photo Books


$100 - Phone Consult/Planning Meeting

45 Minute Photo Session for up to 6 kids

30 Day online gallery for social media sharing

In person gallery reveal and ordering session

3 Accordion mini photo books


$150 - Phone consult/planning meeting

60-90 minute portrait session for all the kids in the family 

30 day online gallery for social media sharing

In person gallery reveal and ordering session

5x5 custom photo book


These sessions are booking now and run the rough October.  Contact me to book your session. 




Planning Wall Galleries

I always hope that clients will want to proudly display their images on their walls.  I have been playing around with a fun tool to give clients a better idea of what their images will look like on their walls.  Here are just a few fun examples.  

Jayme + Allen

Jayme and Allen are so perfectly paired and their wedding was such a sweet event!  When Jayme first contacted me to do photos of her and Allen, I was so excited to meet this guy who so clearly had stolen her heart.  

After a morning with the ladies, we headed over the the venue so the bride could finally say "I do".  The ceremony was beautifully traditional....apart from when Allen took Jayme to be his husband.  Whoops!  

I know this amazing couple will share a lifetime of happiness and I look forward to documenting their journey through marriage and parenthood.  

Special thanks to Markie at Markie Jones Photography 

Photography Rhyme

What makes a picture?

I'll tell you it's a mixture,

Of light and love

And creativity, a magical elixir.


It feeds my soul

Like a fresh film roll

This art I create

Makes me feel whole


As I share my gift with folks

We chat and make jokes

I capture your story

Then fill my blog with keystrokes.


I hope you love my art

Like my son loves to say fart

I hope it fills you with joy,

Because it comes from my heart.

Forced R&R

Last week was so awesome and it all culminated in an amazing wedding that I spent 10 hours photographing.  I was sleeping an average of 4-5 hours a night and working from the time I woke up until way past when I should be in bed.  I was eating junk and drinking way more soda than water.  Sunday I felt like a slug but I worked through it and crammed a lot of work in.  Monday, however, I woke up with a familiar ache in my back....a kidney stone.  I headed to the ER and spent a few hours getting my pain under control and confirming that a stone was, in fact, the cause.  The rest of the day was a bit of a blur as I cleaned house and enjoyed fireworks with my kids.  Tuesday I woke up with a crazy sore throat, stuffed up sinuses, and some serious dizziness.  I slept the day away....today has mostly been the same minus the sleep.  I'm really hoping tomorrow is my day!  I fully intend to wake up feeling way better and FINALLY getting some work done.  If you are excited to see the wedding photos, make sure you subscribe  so you see them right away!  💕👰🏼😍💕