I was born the day of the first winter snow, 4 days before John Lennon died.

I have never lived more than 15.4 miles from where I was born and have always lived where a view of Mt Rainier is no more than a few minutes away.

I am an only child with 7 siblings...one of them is my niece. I love them all fiercely and I don't recommend anyone mess with them because you'd meet my crazy side super fast. The only people I'd protect more ferociously than my siblings are my children. Those three humans are my three favorite people on the planet. They are chaos and joy wrapped up in a tornado of love, hormones, pushing boundaries, and snuggles.

I am earthy and eccentric and at least one person has me saved in their phone as Hippy Mom - Katie. I love it! I send one kiddo to public school and educate two at home, but I believe that all of life is an opportunity to learn so my kids are soaking up knowledge all the time.

As intense as my love for my family is, my love for The Savior makes it pale in comparison. I seek his guidance in every area of my life. I seek to boldly love as he loves and am learning to extend grace to everyone in my life.....even the folks I'm not naturally inclined to forgive.

I can't draw to save my life, I always say my sister is the artist...not me. I never thought of myself as artistic. But looking back, I see a lifetime of creativity; creativity that exploded when picked up a camera. I am constantly searching for ways to push the limits, try something edgy, step it up a notch. I love learning new techniques and I am always learning new things to incorporate into my work.

My mantra is "Embrace your weird, normal is boring!" Whose with me!?